wire in my attic


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Unhappy wire in my attic

I am mounting a heat shield for a wood stove chimney to a ceiling joist. I ran into a very annoying problem. There is a flat black wire that is running across the joist. It appears to be an electrical wire. I traced the wire to see where it starts and ends. It starts from the back of the house between the wall and runs accross 5 joist to the front and disappears between the wall. There is a light switch and a recepticle on the wall where it starts but I do not see anything where it ends at the front of the house. It just disappears down into the wall from the attic. I tried to move the wire but it has no slack in it. I REALLY NEED THIS SPACE THAT IT IS IN. I have tried everything. Please, tell me that it is possible to splice it to make it a little longer. I have exhausted all avenues.
H E L P !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Cut the wire in two places, where it enters the attic and where it leaves the attic. Install two junction boxes and add a new piece of the same size cable to run between the boxes so that it runs in a different manner, to avoid the area you need.
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THANK YOU Racraft!

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