A need for more juice


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Lightbulb A need for more juice

It's Christmas time and we want more lights outside this year. I have one more slot in the power box downstairs. I'm a diy'er from way back and I can handle the common sence stuff. Can I add a double 15 watt from the box and get more power sources that way? Or should I just run appropriate wire for a 20 watt breaker? What precautions should I take? Advise Please and thank you!!
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I don't know what a "double 15 watt" or a "20 watt" is.

Circuit breakler panels take circuit breakers. If you have an available slot in your panel you can add a 15 amp or 20 amp circuit breaker, or you can add a tandem breaker if your panel supports tandem breakers in this position. You can then run the appropriate size and type of cable and add receptacles for your decorations.

I suggest that you need to do some reading. The book "Wiring Simplified" is a good place to start. It will help you through this. It will address all the questions you haven't asked, as well as the ones you will think to ask. Then, if you have any specific questions you can post back.
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watts = amps. Thanks racraft.

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