Remote water meter? How does it work?


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Remote water meter? How does it work?

This has been bugging me for a while. On the front of my house is a small black box with a door. The box looks electrical in nature.

Today I snapped some photos of it and went in my basement to follow the wire. It comes in and is wired directly to my indoor water meter, leading me to believe it's a remote water meter.

Please copy and past below URLs into browser to see photos:

My questions are:

IS it a remote water meter?

HOW does it work?

Thanks in advance!
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Ask a plumber.
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It's the remote point for the meter reader guy to take the reading. He has a handheld device that he puts up to the nub and it records the reading.
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I have a similar meter made by Sensus. The concept is called AMR.

I don't know the exact working but the basic idea is that the meter uses water pressure to turn a rotor that generates a small amount of power. That power sets a code at the read point, which is just an RFID tag. When the meter reader comes, the handheld unit energizes the tag and the tag uploads its ID and reading. You can probably check it out on somebody's website. Let me know how far off I am.

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