Simple light wiring query - maybe...


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Simple light wiring query - maybe...

I thought wiring in a new light fitting would be simple...oh no...

I'm wiring a bathroom ceiling light - or trying to. From the ceiling, there are 4 flex coming together to form what I think is some kind of junction. The only wires that are stripped and hanging loose from these (because they were apparently used on the previous fitting) are two black wires and a yellow one.

The yellow wire is part of a flex in which there are also blue, red and and earth wires, each of which goes into connectors with other wires of the same colour.

I've tried wiring up the yellow (presuming it must be the live) and each of the neutrals to the fitting but that didn't work. I'm lost. Can anybody help me?

Thanks in advance.
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Black wires would be HOT and not neutral. Yellow would be a ground.

What you want to do is to attach the wires the way they were attached to the old fixture. Probably too late for that now, I suppose.

Use a meter and determine what is what.

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