Transfer switch install


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Transfer switch install

I asked a couple weeks back about running a furnace from a generator. It seemed the only correct way of doing it was via a transfer switch. Since then, I bought my parents a generator. My father had their regular furnace guy out to price a single breaker transfer switch just for the furnace. $430, and he was not sure that even included labor. I laughed when he told me, said it better include labor, and dinner out. Is that even close to a fair price for materials AND labor given a good transfer switch is only $130? $300/hr for labor. Is there something I am missing with the install here? I was under the impression that it was a simple job for an experienced electrician? I will be putting one in my house, but will not do this type of work for others. The only tricky part is that their house is AL wiring, but not the furnace run, it is brand new from the main board.


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Not knowing what a Single breaker transfer switch is, I can't comment.

If I were going to the trouble of putting in a transfer switch, I would at least switch multiple circuits.

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