Installing recpticles and switches - before drywall


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Installing recpticles and switches - before drywall

I'm in the process of finishing our basement, and have run new 12/2 for all recepticles and switches, but haven't wired up the switches or recepticles, yet. I think the standard procedure is to wait until after the sheetrock is up to wire them up, but I'd kind of like to test the lights in particular to make sure they all work correctly (I installed a bunch of recessed lights, and the junction boxes on the recessed cans will be covered up after I drywall the ceiling.). Is there a problem with doing this, or do I need to wait until after the drywall is up to wire in everything?
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The junction boxes for the lights will NOT be covered up after the ceiling is in place. They will just be harder to get at.

You do need to wait to install the receptacles and switches until the walls are in place, but you can test.

Connect any necessary wires together with wire nuts and connect the the wires at the panel. Then install light bulbs and turn on the breaker.

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