Help! Tons of wires in ceiling light box


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Help! Tons of wires in ceiling light box

We are updating a ceiling fixture with a new one and when we unhooked the old one, we saw that there were about 8 or 9 wires coming out of 2 big bound wires. Different ones were twisted together with electrical nuts and one black and one white were hooked to the fixture.

I hooked the new fixture up and it works but now an outlet in an adjoining room and the light fixtures in the room's closets don't work. I'm wondering if I put some of the wrong wires together inside the light fixture. How in the world do I figure out which ones?

I really can't call an electrician right now. Christmas has us in the poor house.
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shut off the power to the circuit, take the wirenuts off the bundles of black and white wires and make sure one of the wires isn't broken off in there, that's probably what happened. Just remember to mark which ones hook together and which ones hook to the fixture.
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Unless you disconnected other wires, everything should work. What has happened, as jmchargue has stated, is that a wire has become disconnected inside one of the bundles.

Carefully open each one and make sure that all the wires properly connect together.

As far as diagnosing the way the wires run, that takes some knowledge of wiring and is difficuklt to explain and walk someone through.

What I can tell you is that an electrician can fix this problem very quickly, so if you have to call one it should not be too expensive.
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Thank you so much, one of the wires wasn't connecting to the other ones and now it's fixed!

Really, thanks so much!
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Very glad it worked out.

Just make sure the connections are clean and tight.
Or you could face the same problem on Tuesday.

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