Any tools available 4 running cable?


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Question Any tools available 4 running cable?

new member here.. so this is my first post.

happy holidays everyone, hoped everyone had a great thanksgiving.

as for me, i went black friday hunting. scored a LCD TV and an home entertainment 6.1 system. but here's my dilema. i live in a 2 story townhouse, where there's not access spots in the ceiling for me to run the audio cables i need for the 3 rears speakers.

now luckly, there is three flood light in a straight line on the ceiling, so i might be able to slide the cable through. but i was wondering if there is a tool like the drainage snake that you can use to pull the cables through.

any suggestions?

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I doubt you will gain access through the box on the track light, and you shouldn't mix line voltage and speaker wire anyway. So, you will be left with wall repair after you cut a hole near where you want to mount the speaker, and at the bottom of the same wall to pull the wire through. Then you can hot glue it to the top of your base molding or stuff it under your base over your carpet. then repair the wall holes and paint accordingly. In older homes I have just hot glued the speaker wire to the corner and painted the wire the color of the walls. Not very professional, but the customer didn't want to cut holes in a rental.
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Pulling wire

Regarding yor question about fishing the wire, a fish tape is the name of the tool and it is available in various lengths such as 25 ft, 50 ft, 100 ft.

For short distances, a straightened metal coat hanger will work.
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They are 1/8 wide. (the one you want) Easist used with out the holder. Other tricks to follow if you continue.

Re the floods, Are they recessed cans or track lights?
If recessed, the cans can be removed, limiting the notches you may have to make.
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as for the flood lighting.. it's one of those that you see a hole in the ceiling and the light is flush with the ceiling. it looks like there is a track available inside to hold the light fixture.

i've thought about removing the baseboard, but since i have hardwood floor, i might just have to end up drilling or cutting the drywall in order to gain access behind it. i can't seem to pop out the baseboard.. cuz it's on there flush and tight.

i thought about using a straight coat hanger.. that's what i normally use when i'm installing stereo systems in a car running the power cable from inside to the car battery. but in this case, looks like i'll need to learn how to patch up dry walls, cuz it's starting to look like cutting is my only choice.

i'll post up some photos of the living room tonight, so you can get an idea of what i'm up against.

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