Cutting/threading RMC


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Cutting/threading RMC

I'm running conduit out to a garage, and per my question yesterday, I ran into an area that I can't get deeper than about 10" so am switching over to RMC for that leg rather than PVC. I need to cut one section of the RMC. Does it have to be rethreaded or is there some sort of compression fitting that can be used to attach the cut end to the PVC?

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Must be threaded, call up your local rent a tool company.
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Yes it needs to be threaded as said previously. If you have it cut to length just take it to a good hardware store and they will thread it for you for a small fee.

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There are threadless compression connectors and couplings for rigid conduit. They are very expensive, but the difference between that and renting/paying for threading might not be so much.
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You may find out that the concrete would have been cheeper.
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I agree with Jeff.

Even with RMC, you need the concrete, and the threadless fitting must be rated for concretetight. And I don't beleive they make one for PVC to RMC.
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As for the concrete, the one place I can only get the 1 1/2 conduit in with barely 6" of cover. As I read it, you were saying that with 4" of concrete, I would still need 4 more inches of cover. Am I reading that wrong? I can't get deep enough for 8 ". That's the only reason I'm not doing concrete there. Believe me, I'd much rather do the concrete if I can.

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