Missing neutral


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Missing neutral

I have two duplex outlets and a couple of switches that no longer work (other outlets/plugs on the circuit work fine). A circuit tester shows no neutral. I've checked connections in the problem boxes.

Is the only recourse to check every outlet/switch box on the circuit? Is it possible to just run a wire from a nearby box on another circuit (since the neutral comes from a common source in the breaker box anyway)?

Do I need an electrician?

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Check all the working devices including the switches. Start with the ones closest to the dead ones.
If the receptacles are using the backstab(poke in) connections on the back move the wires to the screws. Backstabs are a very common cause of this problem.
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Do not ever connect a neutral from one circuit to another circuit to solve a wiring problem. This is a good way to cause a fire and burn your house down.

Your only solution is to find the broken neutral. The problem will be at the last working location or the first non-working one. If you cannot logically determine which locations these are then you will have to check every junction box on the circuit.

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