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Wire Colors/Labels

Hi All,

I am looking at pulling multiple circuits (not multi-wire circuits) using individual THHN conductors in conduit in a workshop. In order to help keep things straight, I would like to sort the circuits by wire color. I understand that I can share the ground (green wire) and I think that the hot wires can be black, red, blue, etc. so long as they are not green, white, or gray. What about the neutral wires? What choices do I have there?

If I am stuck with white, then are there any simple wire labels out there (maybe something I can feed through my inkjet printer)? Any tricks of the trade?

Thank you for any input,

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As per NEC 200.6 and NEC 200.7, grounded conductors (also referred to as neutral conductors) are to be white or grey or any color other than green with three continuous white stripes. The most common practice is to simply use white. If the conductor is larger than #6 it is common that it only comes with black insulation...in this case, you are allowed to wrap white tape around the wire to identify it as a grounded conductor. The wire must be taped white at every point which it is accessable (junction boxes, the panel, outlets, etc). As far as keeping straight which neutral goes to which circuit, just tape the hot, neutral, and ground all together at the end before pulling them through the conduit...at the panel end, all the neutrals will most likely be connecting to the same place, so it's likely that it won't matter at the panel. As far as labling, a roll of white electrical tape and a sharpie have always worked pretty well for me
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Good thinking.

Yes, NEUTRALS Must be white or natural grey.
Grounds must be Green,green/yellow or bare copper.
Hots can be any color, except as stated above.

The big thing here, is IDENTIFY the conductors. Pull 20 blacks thru a pipe,If you don't know wich is wich.... You have wasted alot of energy (YOURS).

You may re-identify these wires, Make it perminant. EX:20 blks; 10 white.. Remarked.
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Originally Posted by lectriclee View Post

You may re-identify these wires, Make it perminant. EX:20 blks; 10 white.. Remarked.
Have you figured the derating on that fill Lee? (insert smiley here)
I know just about any elec supply houses and I think Lowes et.al. carry wire numbers. They are books of numbers that are used to wrap around the wires. Simply number the neutral the same as the associated hot.

You can get books that run from 0-9, 1-45(I think), and probably others as well.

There are many other methods but I usually find this the most convenient.

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