outside & 2nd bathroom outlets don't work


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outside & 2nd bathroom outlets don't work

The outlets in the front and back of the house do not work. One of the upstairs bathrooms outlet won't work either. I checked the outlet in the back which has a GFCI outlet. It will not reset. When I check voltage at the wire coming into the box I get 0v between the black wire and white wire. On the other side of the outlet I get 12vac between black and white or black and ground. I measured the bare part of the wire going into a push type connect while the outlet is still connected.

Can the outlet be the problem or could it be from the breaker box (which looks like it has a GFCI also? or something else?

Thanks for any help.
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If you have no voltage entering the box then the receptacle is not the problem. You will have to look elsewhere.

Check everything else on the circuit. Perhaps there is another GFCI feeding this, perhaps a wire has come loose, etc.

Bottom line, figure out where on the circuit you have power and where you don't. The problem is at or between the last working location and the first non-working one.
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you indicate you have a GFCI breaker, Yes this could be the culprit.
I (we) have seen multiple GFCI devices on 1 ckt before. Try resetting it.
There could also be another GFCI rec some where,another bath,garage etc.

If none of this works, you may have to attack.
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Thanks Racraft & lectriclee.

I appreciate your help. The problem was the GFCI outlet on the outside of the house. Things weren't adding up right in my mind, so I just decided to change the front outlet and the GFCI outlet. I started with the front and it was not the problem but the old one wouldn't hold a plug very well so no loss there. Then I changed the GFCI and I had power to both outlets.

I was hoping my bathroom was connected to the same ckt but no luck there. I guess I can do that next weekend :-)

At least my wife has Christmas lights now.

Thanks again for your help. Happy Holidays.
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We're glad you fixed this. Do yourself a favor and make sure the outside receps are still GFCI protected.
You can do this with your lights. Have them on and hit the test button, They should go out. If they don't post back, and you can correct it, so we know your safe.

Merry Christmas & Happy holidays aswell.

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