dual main disconnects for two "subpanels"?


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Question dual main disconnects for two "subpanels"?

Hi guys:

Sure want to thank you guys who seem to be regular contributors to answering the many questions that pop up on this board. I sure have learned a bunch—just by reading the responses to others’ questions.

Back to my pending remodel…
Currently, I have a 125A service drop, with the meter and 125A main disconnect on the outside of the garage. The main MLO house panel is 125A (max calc loads about 107A—but normal load is far less), and the shop MLO panel is 100A (max load is never more than 45A—usually loafs along at about 18A). Both the house and the shop “subpanels” (non-service panels for the politically finicky) are fed from the 125A main disconnect outside the house –(yeah, a real no-no that I want to fix during the remodel.

When I do the remodel (adding onto garage and shop, I am considering upgrading to a 200A service drop (for future expansion in the house). But I don’t really want to mess (just yet) with changing out the house panel to 200A and re-routing the shop panel to be fed from the house panel.

So, what I would like to do is to install a 200A service drop to a new location on the new addition, and include dual 2-pole disconnects (one for 125A and one for 100A) outside under the meter (just about the same arrangement as current, except for the dual disconnects).

So far, I have not been able to find a “box” that has a 200A buss and slots for two (or more) 2-pole breakers. Hopefully one of you esteemed gentlemen can aim me at a source.

Another option would be to install a regular 200A disconnect and then add a small “box” that has the two “panel disconnects” in it—but seems like the extra breaker is an overkill.

Hopefully, my words are clear enough for you to “see” what I want to accomplish.

Suggestions and criticisms greatfully accepted.

And Happy Holidays to all on this forum.

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First thing you should do is to check with your utility company to see if the new service location is approved by them.

You could mount the new 200 amp panel in the addition and feed the other 2 panels from 2-pole breakers. This would require you to change to a 4 wire feeder to the old panels. You will also need to seperate the neutrals and grounds on the buss bars and unbond the panels if they are bonded.

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