Upgrading Main/Sub Panel


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Upgrading Main/Sub Panel

Opinion question as we move into a new house:

Current setup is 150A main panel (Federal Pacific, fused, 2 double-pole, 8 single pole fuses). One of the double-pole fuses (90A) goes to a 100A sub panel which has 2 double pole and 6 single pole fuses.

Note, the Federal Pacific panels are not the stab-loc (thank goodness), but for the sake of future house remodels, the panels are going to be changed over to circ breakers.

The curious part is the main panel is in the garage, and the subpanel is in the basement (~50 feet apart).

So the question is, should I keep two separate panels (main/sub) or do away with the subpanel by running some PVC conduit to that location, pulling some 10ga THHN, and putting a nice sized junction box in the basement; and keep all the breakers at the main panel in the garage. I'd of course pull a few extra conductors for the future.

Then again, maybe it is easier just to keep things as-is (main/sub), and just remember which breakers are in which panel.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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I would stay with what you have...By that I mean, Upgrade yes, maintain the sub-panel, yes.
Why not?
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Of course, 10 AWG is way undersized for a 100A sub, and oversized for most branch circuits.
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Thanks for the feedback Lee. I guess you're right, it does make sense to just keep it as-is. I'll be curious as to other problems that are found once we move in. As the inspector said as he picked up a handful of extra fuses sitting next to the box, "What do you think this means?"

Oh, and I intended to say 14ga and 12ga THHN wires for the branch circuits. (not sure where my mind was at the time).

Thanks for the responses!


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