Dedicated 20 amp circuit


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Dedicated 20 amp circuit

I know I've read about this topic on this board in the past, but I just want to be sure before I proceed: I am installing a 20 amp circuit on 12-2 wire that will serve only one receptacle for my computer. The NEC requires in this situation that I install a 20 amp outlet. Is this correct? I understand that if it were a general use circuit with 2 or more receptacles, they can be 15 amp receptacles. But since it is dedicated to one outlet, it should be 20 amp?

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The separate can be 15A and doesn't need to be 20A. It can also be pulled from another existing 15A ckt. if enough ampacity.
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IF you truly have just a single SIMPLEX receptical on a 20A circuit, with no additional loads, then yes, it must be a 20A receptical. However, if you are installing a DUPLEX receptical (ie, your standard in a house), it is OK for it to be 15A, since it is not considered a "single" receptical (it is actually two recepticals on one "yoke").

I'd certainly put in a duplex, as you may want a couple of surge protectors, and you don't want to plug one surge protector into another.
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OK, that makes sense. I was planning on installing a duplex, so I will install the 15 amp. Thanks!
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Chirkware, thanks for the explanation. You know, I've read numerous posts here and elsewhere saying that you need a 20A receptacle if there is only one receptacle on the circuit. It always made sense to me - until you pointed out that a duplex receptacle is actually TWO receptacles.

As Mark Twain said, "It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so."

Thanks again. Every day I learn something new here.

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I would go ahead and put a 20amp recep in there. The wire is the expensive part anyway. And please use a spec grade one.
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However, if brian6 is in Canada then he MUST use a 20 amp receptacle.

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