Outside GFCI outlets


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Outside GFCI outlets

After this years Christmas light mess, I am considering running two GFCI outlets on the outside of my house.

I have created a plan and wanted to pass it by some experts to see if it sounds OK.

My home is brick on the outside and I know that I will have access to the basement and to the panel.

What I was planning on doing was the following:

1) Take a masonry bit and drill a hole large enough to fit a 1/2" nipple. My initial guess is that it will probably be around 4-6" long - at this point, I would confirm that I can get into the basement. This is not a large concern because I'm sure it'll be fine... the electrician ran a line for an AC and did the same thing from inside. - NO Cutting into joists would be necessary from below. The only "demo" is the holes into the brick.

2) I was planning on using one of the grey boxes they seem to sell with outdoor lighting kits and securing that into the brick wall with anchors ensuring that the nipple was firmly secured as well. I would caulk around the nipple to ensure a waterproof seal, as well as around the perimeter of the box, leaving a small section non-caulked to allow for any water to drip out.
In fact, I have seen a whole rig from one of the box stores that sells the box, GFCI outlet, gasket and cover as one item.

3) I want to use a GFCI outlet with the "rubber gasket" and a large outdoor cover that lets me cover the outlets, but also provides access for cords to be plugged in at the same time.

My question: should/ can I use UF for the line into the house. Once in the house, I can secure a junction box and then change over to NM. Would it be bad to use the UF - once in the house, I would secure the junction box about 2-3 feet from the entrance through the joists above. -

I plan on running NM from the panel into a switch, then into a junction box that feeds to two outlets...
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Your plan sounds fine. There is no neeed for "UF" cable unless it is buried or exposed to the weather. As you described the box mounted to the brick NM cable is fine. The nipple is a nice touch but not required, you will need a connector in the box to secure the cable.

An option if you use the nipple, would be to use a 6" (or however long you need) threaded nipple, get a rigid threaded coupling, put the nipple in the box,the coupling on the other end of nipple and screw in an NM connector. Done. Run cable to the swith then the panel.

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