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Switch to wall outlet

I want to take a switch that powers the top part of an outlet and use that switch to control a ceiling fan in the room.Am I correct to say that all I need to do is ....First change the outlet to a hot one by changing it with one that has the tabs connected.Then take the wire that was powering the top portion of that old switch and run it to the ceiling fan?
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If you are connecting your ceiling fan into the receptacle, you are correct.
You could also connect the fan into the switch with some wiring adjustments at the receptacle.
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I'll assume there is no box in the ceiling or wiring going there, and that you choose to leave the switch alone. The setup I describe will allow the light to be controlled by the switch, with the fan staying on when the light is off.

Run 12-3wg romex (or 14-3wg if a 15A circuit) from the switched receptical to the new CEILING FAN RATED box you will install in the ceiling.

Throw away the receptical and replace it with a new one. Make the connections at that box as follows:
Connect the wire that previously provided switched power to the old receptical to the red wire from the new romex with a wire nut.
Connect the wire that previously provided unswitched power to the old receptical to the new romex's black wire and to a black pigtail (6" of equal guage black wire). Connect the pigtail to one of the gold screws on the new receptical.
Connect the white that provided the neutral at the old receptical with a the new romex's white, and with a white pigtail going to one of the silver screws.
Finally, connect all ground wires together with a pigtail to the green screw on the new receptical.

At the fan, connect the red to the wire labeled for the light, and the black to the wire labeled for the fan. Connect whites together, and grounds together.
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Note that unless this fan also has a light, you are likely creating an unsafe situation and a code violation.

Code (in the US) requires that either a receptacle or a hardwired light be controlled by a switch at the door. Most builders of tract homes have the switch control a receptacle, or half a receptacle, as this is cheaper.

This code requirement is so that it is possible to turn on a light (either a fixed light or a plugged in light) without having to enter the room and find your way in the dark to turn one on, possibly tripping over something.

You will have a code violation unless the ceiling fan also has a light. A way around this violation is to leave the half receptacle controlled by the switch.

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