forever replacing lightbulbs....


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Question forever replacing lightbulbs....

I have been in this house for 3.5 years now and I've never had to replace so many lightbulbs. 3 kids and a lot of use, but as an example, I installed two (2) 3-floodlight ceiling fixtures just 6 months ago and they are now down to 1 lightbulb in each fixture. I would bet I change the kids ceiling fixture lights at least twice a year, if not more.

Any guesses what could cause this? Anything I can test? The house was built in 1978 and has 200 amp service. I have the panel pretty well loaded up breaker-wise, but it's been like this since we moved in. Kind of has me worried a bit. Thanks!
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Cheap bulbs. Excessive vibration. Excessive voltage.
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First, you need to try to determine how many hours the lights are actually lasting. Ligh bulbs are designed to last a finite time. It;s usually listed on the packaging.

a couple other things that affect life. vibration. if the lamps are exposed to a lot of vibration, it will shorten life span. Temp swings. if the lamps are exposed to large abrupt temp variations, that too can shorten life.

Next, I would take a voltage reading. If it is under 108 or over 132 volts, call the POCO and report it. Actually if it is even fairly close to those numbers, I would still call the POCO.

If it is anywhere close, I would call the POCO and ask for a recorder to be put on to record voltage over an extended time period.

hang on for others advice
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I thought about cheap lightbulbs when buying another dozen this weekend. Bought long life bulbs this time. Temperature has almost no fluctuation to speak of and it's a single story home, so I don't think vibration would be it. I do admit to buying cheap but name brand bulbs.

I'll take some voltage readings, see what I come up with and see how the better bulbs last. Thing of it I've always bought the cheap bulbs in other homes and haven't had near the frequency of failure I do at this home.

Thanks, I'll do as suggested and anxiously await any more opinions or even wild guesses!
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i used to work for electric company...
the major cause of frequent bulbs blowing was faulty/loose ground, usually at the electric pole or transformer...
contact your electric company and ask them to check their grounds
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Take and try some 130V bulbs They last a long time.

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