Weak/On/Off Power from outlet


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Weak/On/Off Power from outlet

I have a wall outlet that is controlled by two 3-way switches. I put the meter in the outlet it registers weak power, then I take it out and put it back in and there is no power? I replaced the two 3-way switches.......

any suggestions?
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If you are using a digital tester, put it away; it is giving you a false reading called "phantom voltage". Instead, use a neon lamp tester or even just plug in an actual lamp to test for power.

You probably have an open neutral or open hot which is a loose or broken wire. Although it could be anywhere on the circuit, it is usually located at the troublesome receptacle or at the previous receptacle on the circuit. Replace the receptacle and make good, tight connections on the screw terminals. Check and re-make any wirenut connections that may be loose in the box.

When you replaced the three-way switches did you make sure to get the wires on the correct screws?

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