electrical interference in conduit runs


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electrical interference in conduit runs

I know itís best to keep computers, TVs and such on a separate circuit from receptacles you frequently use for power tools, vacuums, etc. because of the electrical interference, but I was wondering:

If you have these receptacles on separate circuits, but you run the wires for these circuits through the same conduit, will the problem still exist due to the proximity of the wires?

Thanks in advance.
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I don't think this is a particular problem. Yes, ideally it'd be desirable to have total circuit isolation. However, modern electronic devices have adequate to near-perfect line filtering circuits and shielding. I would not be too concerned and have yet to see where this is a sizable issue.
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Generally, the metalic conduit issue doesn't affect power distribution much. However, in communication systems it does become an important issue in commercial/industrial settings, especially on a factory floor with large equipment that induces all kinds of interference into a conduit, rendering communications circuits with poor performance.

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