Outside Post Light


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Outside Post Light

I have an outdoor post light that used to go on at dusk and turn off at dawn. Now, it stays on all the time. Not too sure what to make of that. Thanks for any advice.
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Post light

Check the photoelectric cell. It may be dirty and thinks its dark all the time.
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Outside Post Light

Thanks wirepuller, but where exactly can I find that?
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Should be on the post somewhere. It will just be a round eye maybe 1/2 the size of a dime.
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Outside Post Light

Oh I think I know where that is. But, how exactly do you go about cleaning it out. Do I use a q tip or something small like that?
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q-tip is fine for cleaning.

If cleaning doesn't help fix the problem, then I can think of at least two other possibilities:

1. The photocell is blocked by a new source of shade. Check for plants or other changes in the periphery that could be obstructing sunlight.
2. The photocell is fried, and it's time for a new cell.
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I had a photo cell light that decided to stay on all the time. I cut the power to it for a 5 count and this corrected the problem. I later found out that this particular light could be set to always on by cutting power for 2 seconds and then turning it back on. Your light may work the same.
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my sensor is on top of the fixture... it turns out and connectors like a fuse has
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These photocells can go bad, I've replaced the one in my light 2 times, was told to not aim these directly into the sunlight this can wear them out prematurely. Mine points NNE.

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