What type of wire to run?


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What type of wire to run?

I am planning on putting in a shop in my attached garage. would like to pull power from existing breaker box in the house to a 100 amp panal. this is a 75ft. run. thru 1 1/2 inch conduit. what size wire and type of wire should be pulled.
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Is the conduit inside or outside? Why conduit instead of a cable assembly?
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Three #3 THHN copper conductors, and one #8 stranded conductor with Green-colored insulation.The Green #8 is the Equiptment Grounding Conductor

One of the #3 conductors, the Neutral, MUST be White. It's best if the other two colors are Black and Red, but you can use two Blacks, and "identify" the "Red" conductor with Red marking tape. Black & Red indicate 220 volts between the two conductors.

At the sub-panel, ONLY the Green #8 EGC is "Bonded" to the metallic surface of the panel enclosure, and the EGC's of the circuits that extend from the panel.The Neutral/White conductor must be isolated-from-Ground.
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You could also pull aluminum wires in the sizes 2-2-4-6 for hot-hot-neutral-ground. Aluminum wire is quite a bit cheaper than copper, but you need to get good terminations using a wire brush to remove the oxidation and apply NO-OX grease to the wire strands. Torque the lugs to panel specs. Also identify the conductors black, red, white and green (or bare). The conduit should be buried 18" deep.
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What type of work do you intend to do in the shop? This should tell you how heavy of wire and circuits would be needed. If using a welder you may need to go with the 4 AWG, if no welder possibly a smaller line would work.
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Post deleted for inaccuracy. Misread original post.

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no welder it is for wood working and power will be pulled thru 11/2 metal conduit

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