Outside outlet was working until...


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Red face Outside outlet was working until...

I was trimming some bushes and knicked the extension cord which resulted in some sparks and a useless extension cord. Now the outdoor outlet does NOT work. We have our Christmas lights up but no outlet.

Can we fix this?

Thank you!
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More than likely this should be a simple fix.

One of two things probably happened.

You either tripped the breaker or the recep was GFCI protected and you tripped the GFCI protection.

check your electrical panel for tripped breakers. Some breakers do not appear to be tripped so you would simply go throughout the panel and turn of, then back on, each of the breakers.

If this does not provide relief, you probably have a GFCI recep that the outside recep feeds from. You would need to find that recep and reset the GFCI protection.
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It is most likely a tripped breaker, or GFCI receptacle. Check your electrical service panel for tripped breakers. If the breakers all look good, it could be a GFCI receptacle that tripped. Check all GFCI receptacles in the house and reset if necessary.

Best wishes!
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GFCI could be in several locations. The most common place is in the garage behind the pile of stuff. Could be in a bathroom, basement, beside any sink, a breaker in the panel or sub panel.
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This happened to me and none of the breakers tripped. I pulled all the outside outlets looking for an open in the daisy chain. About a month later after I had given up on it my wife decided to rearrange the bedroom and I found a tripped ground fault outlet behind the bed. Replaced this outlet and installed a GFCI breaker in the panel

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