Transfer Switch


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Transfer Switch

I came by a big, 500A switch that was used to switch the output of a generator to either its normal load or a load bank for testing. Can I use this for a transfer switch. The switch was designed for three phase power and I was wondering if I use it should I switch the neutral to or run it common to both the generator and commercial power?

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I would not use this. It is always best to use an electrical device as it is intended, and not to adapt something for another purpose.
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Exclamation Don't do it

According to the NEC any equipment installed must be installed and used according to it's UL listing.
If that piece of equipment is designed to be used for load bank testing, then it shouldn't be used as a transfer switch. Further, if it is designed for three phase it must be used for three phase and not used in a single phase installation.
As for the neutral question:
Neutrals should not be interrupted during a transfer, meaning that you can't switch the neutral. There are only specific instances where the neutral can be switched, such as in the case of certain Hazardous installations.

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