New outlets requirements


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New outlets requirements

I'm building up my basement and this weekend plan to install some outlets. I recall that there was a minimum distance that the outlets needed to be apart, something like 10 to 12 feel max distance ? I have 2 existing outlets on one wall that are about 12 feet apart so wondering if I must place another in the middle? Also appreciate any general tips you may have for new basement electrical buildups.

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No point on any wall should be more that 6' from an outlet, all wall surfaces should have an outlet. There are variations to this, but that's the basics.
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The rules for receptacle spacing apply for finished areas of a residence, and only certain types of rooms. If you are finishing your basement then you need to follow the rules, but if you are just adding receptacles in an unfinished basement then you don't have to follow the spacing rules.
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Unfinished basement needs GFCI protection of the receptacles.

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