Low Voltage at outlet in kitchen....Why?


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Low Voltage at outlet in kitchen....Why?

I have two outlets in line above my counter, all of a sudden one quit working, I checked the voltage at the outlet that does'nt work and it has 80 volts.....why? Any help well appreciated!! Thankyou Smitty
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You have a loose or broken connection. The problem is in the last working or the first not working receptacle in the chain. It could be the neutral wire or the hot. If your receptacles use the back stab connection move the wires to the screw terminals. Back stabs are a very common cause of this problem.
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For practical purposes, you can never have any actual supply voltage other than 120, or Zero. When your meter reads something like 60 or 80 you are connected across an open in a circuit. In other words, a switch or wire connection somewhere is broken.
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Thanks for the help, I investigated the outlet where the dead outlet is tied in to, and it had a loose screw, i noticed arching, tightened screw, fixed the problem. Again, thankyou!! Smitty
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To help you understand the problem. You undoubtedly used a digital meter. Digital meters are susceptible to phantom voltage. This is a voltage induces on a wire by a nearby wire. While it is real voltage, there is minimal current behind it, so some people say it is not really there.

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