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(1) smoke detector wiring (2) receptacle/lighting code question

(1) smoke detector wiring (2) receptacle/lighting code question


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(1) smoke detector wiring (2) receptacle/lighting code question

1. I'm getting ready to install hard-wired smoke detectors in my house and I want ALL the detectors to activate regardless of which one actually first detects the smoke.

Should I run 14/2 to the first detector, then 14/3 to rest in a series?

I remember reading somewhere that if it's done this way then only the detectors "downstream" from the activated detector will sound. If this is the case, then is there a way to make the others sound as well?

2. scenario: I'm renovating my home office and rewired it using two circuits. I have five receptacles on a 15A circuit and six receptacles on a 20A circuit. I'm going to install two ceiling lights: a 4 ft. flourescent light, and track lighting. I want to run the flourescent light off the 20A circuit and the track lighting off the 15A circuit.

question: I read somewhere that it's generally a bad practice to have lighting on the same circuit as receptacles. Since I have two circuits in this room, with a light on each, is this acceptable? Is there a better way?

Thanks in advance for your help with this!
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1. What you heard is incorrect. What you are proposing is fine, as long as this is a a5 amp circuit. Just make sure that you follow any local regulations. For example, some municipalities require a dedicated circuit with nothing else on it for smoke detectors, while others require that something else, such as a hallway light, be on the circuit so that you will know quickly if the breaker trips.

2. I would place the lighting on a separate and dedicated circuit. Sometimes lighting, especially fluorescent lighting, can cause interference on the circuit. Further, you don't want whatever else is on the circuit to dim or otherwise cause undesirable effects on the lights.

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