Real-time load calculator


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Real-time load calculator

I guess that's what I would call it - an in-line device that will display the 'actual' (non-labeled) WATTS and/or AMPS of whatever is plugged into it - one that records highs and lows would be nice too, over a time period.

Any suggestions or touts on either one for a simple-mindedly curious home owner?
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For the whole panel - yes
For the single appliance , yes -it would be called a meter with a graph readout normaly used to find flucuations in a power source.
I do not know of one that would be very cheap though just for curiosity
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I bought a plug in meter. You plug it into a 15 amp receptacle and then plug your device(s) into it. It will show (digitally) the watts used and will store the highest value. It cost about $30. I don't remember who made it.

Try googling wattmeter and see what you get.
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It's the Kill-A-Watt. You can buy it online at a bunch of places.
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Kill-A-Watt as mentioned previously:

And a more "professional" meter that measures surge as well:

I haven't used either, but have considered the Kill-A-Watt one.

The other option is to get a clamp-on meter with a cord that allows you to clamp around only the hot wire. The benefit of the clamp-on is it also works as a multimeter and is usable for direct-wired appliances as well.
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Great! Thanks for the leads!

The 'Kill A Watt' is what I was looking for but after exploring those 'SmartHome' pages, the 'Watts Up PRO' with the RS-232 interface might pacify my "need toys" mentality.

The important part of finding a source has been answered, tho' - thanks!
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Just a follow up

I ordered the WATTS Up Pro ES today.

Thanks for the links helping me find what I was looking for. Of course, the original intent was a $30 meter but this looks like it'll be fun to own.
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Not a bad price really....considering the clamp-on multimeters can get pretty pricey.
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I paid $193 for the ES model and with the software and extra memory I think I'm going to have some fun with it. I love history graphing of things consumed so this will save me time in building spreadsheets and data input.

Tho' that usage graphing can be quite a shocking eye-opener, at times... I know after buidling a sheet for my propane usage on a daily/monthly basis this winter, I heard a few "Holy crap!" comments somewhere in the back of my head.

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