convection oven wiring- help


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convection oven wiring- help

I'm installing a convection wall oven and it has 4wires coming out of it a black, a white, a red, and a copper. The wall has 3 wires coming out of it a black, a white, and a copper. How should this be wired?

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Check your oven installation guide for information regarding electrical installation. It should tell you the required circuit breaker and cable size you need.

It sounds like the cable you have coming from "the wall" is not suitable for connection to your oven. It is probably only 120V and 20 amps or less. I don't know enough about the oven to say with certainty what is exactly required, but most ovens need 240V and more than 30 amps.
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You need to pull a new cir., old code allowed the grnd to be used as the noodle and grnd , new code does not - you need a 4 wire cir. sized to your stove
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The supply you have may be only 120 volts, or 240 volts run with a two wire cable with ground. You should rewire the outlet to a 4 wire system to meet modern code requirements. But for information, they used the white and black as hot wires and the bare as a grounding wire. On the back of your oven, the red and black are your hot wires and will correspond to the black and white coming from the wall.

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