3 way switch feeder?


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3 way switch feeder?

im adding some lights to our pretty dark basement...they will be those $7 shop lights from the HD....they plug in, not hard wire so you can throw them away if they break....heres my ?

Q. i've run 14-2 from the panel to the switch(3 way), then 14-3 to the other switch(3 way), then 14-2 to each successive outlet for the lights....can and how would i tap into the 2nd 3way switch in order to feed power for the 2nd additional sets of lights that i wish to control with a different set of 3 way switches?
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You can't. If you want independent control you need to tap into switch one or another power source. You do not have unswitched power at switch 2.
If you wanted to change the cable to 14/4 you could do it but I wouldn't even consider that option. 14/4 is not that common a cable.
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3 way

you can't. there are four ways to wire a three way switch. hot to one switch and then 12-3 to other switch and then 12-2 from there to load. or. hot to switch and then 12-3 to light and then 12-3 from light to other switch. or. hot to light box and then 12-3 down from there to each switch. or hot to light and then 12-2 switch leg to one switch and then 12-3 to other switch. hope that helps. marty
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Marty: Why 12/3 and not 14/3 for a lighting circuit?
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3 way switches

howdy, i am so used to our area codes. we can not use 14 gauge wire for any thing. must be 12 gauge or bigger, hope you got it solved. marty

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