Extending light recepticle


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Extending light recepticle

In my garage I currently have one switch which powers one incadescent light that was installed by the builder on a wall instead of the garage ceiling. Unfortunately the light is installed right where I want to hang the cabinets which will be part of a work bench.

I have an idea of what I want to do with the light receptical but am not sure on how to go about doing it. I would like to extend the wiring both downwards to power a flourescent to be installed under the cabinets to provide light for the work bench, and also extend the line upwards and along the ceiling where I would like to install two other flourescents to light the garage. In total, I would be splitting the line from where the incadescent bulb is now to power the three other fixtures. I hope this all makes sense.

Is this possible, and if so what is the proper nomenclature for this procedure? I have tried to look it up in books but do not see anything that resembles it. Any help would be appreciated.

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You can only extend this circuit if it is a properly grounded circuyit.,

Unless you make a hole in the back of the cabinet for a junction box, your plan won't work.

Assuming that the wiring can be extended, then you can either access the wiring below the existing light (if it feeds from below) or above the existing light (if it feeds from above), and then extend from there.

The key is that ALL junction boxes MUST be permanently accessible. You cannot hide a junction box behind an attached cabinet.

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