No power to a circuit


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Question No power to a circuit


Here is my situation. I have my holiday lights hooked up to an outlet outside my house. Everything was fine until yesterday when the lights did not come on. It was raining and I thought it may have tripped the breaker. I checked the breaker and it was not tripped, but I turned it off then on again anyway to test it. Still no power. I waited until today with the circuit off until everything dried up and tested again, still nothing.

My question is can the circuit breaker be bad? I have heard of breakers tripping and not resting but this one did not trip.

Any suggestions?
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It sounds as if a GFCI protection tripped. Apparently it is not an integral part of the breaker so I would look for a GFCI receptacle that the recep you are plugged into is controlled by.

Basement, garage, other outside recep, crawl space
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thanks... But the circuit is labeled "outside GFI outlets and one outlet in the garage" None of the outlets outside have the button on them to reset and none of the outlets on that circuit have power. That is why I thought it was the breaker.
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There is a GFCI somewhere that they are tied into that tripped. Look in basment, crawl spaces, kitcken, bathrooms everywhere.
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There is a GFCI receptacle. You just don't know (or have forgotten) where it is.

Even when you find it I suspect you may not be able to reset it. I suspect that water has gotten into a receptacle, most likely because there is no in-use cover, and that to reset the GFCI you will have to dry out the inside of the box and the receptacle.

And now for my standard lecture. Don;t trust the labels on the breakers. Unless you put then there you have no idea if they are accurate or not. Within a short time of moving in you should have completely mapped out the entire electrical system, so that you would know right now which breaker controls those receptacles and what else is on the breaker. Now you know why you should have done this. Another reason to do this is that it could save your life some day.
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You guys rock!!!

After reading even the few posts on here I went back and did a run through the outlets again....

DING DING DING you were right there was one GFCI in the utility room that was tied into that circuit. Reset it and guess what...... We have power again.

Thank you all for your help, now the kids will have the lights on for the holidays. You made them very happy.

If any of you have any Paintball questions I can reciprocate the advise. I am an avid player and moderator on a few Paintball forums.

Really thanks again, and I am glad I found the DoItYourself forums!
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your welcome, o nm, this is kusa!! Happy Holidays
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Dont forget to go back and put an "In use" cover on the outlet that you plug the Xmas lights into.

FYI - I just went through a GFI tripping with the Xmas lights intermittantly - [email protected]#$% wind banging the [email protected]#$$ lights around, broken bulbs ....

Merry [email protected]## Christmas !!!

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