how i can add a switch here??


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Smile how i can add a switch here??

thank you again..i open this topic because is totally diff than the other .. when i bought my house the basement had 4 lights controller by 1 switch i add more lights to the circuit but now i want some of the lights to have own switch that way i turn on when need, how i do this?
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There are numerous ways to do this. Obviously you have to rewire. The best answer depends on how the present circuit is wired and on the layout of the house. None of us can tell you what is THE best method without seeing the situation.

For the basic wiring, I suggest that you buy the book "Wiring Simplified," an then read it. It will tell you the basics of wiring that you do not know but that you need to know BEFORE you tackle this job. Do not attempt this job until you have read at least this book.

While we can and will answer questions here, you do not know the questions you need to be asking, and even if we try to anticipate them, we will miss some important steps.

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