Just lost 2 outlets at home

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Just lost 2 outlets at home

So about an hour ago one of my torchiere lamps goes out. I slap in a new bulb and nada! I also notice some other stuff in the surge protector is out. OK, the surge protector just died or whatever. Plugged the lamp straight into the wall outlet and nada! Tried the other socket - nada! Crap, the entire outlet doesn't work....Tried an adjacent outlet - nada! I've apparantly lost 2 outlets.

First thing I did was check/reset all the fuses in my fuse box. Still nothing. Verified the 2 outlets being toast by plugging other things in to them as well as other outlets that are working.

So, anyone have any ideas or have this happen to you? Any ideas what something like this will cost to fix? It seems something, somewhere went bad behind the wall(s). The electrical is only 7 years old as well. There wasn't any sort of electrical burn smell, I literally thought a bulb just burned out. The 2 outlets don't share the same physical wall, they're on perpendicular walls, but only about 5 feet away from each other.

I'm in a condo and the brainiacs in the association decided that winter in the pacific NW (i.e., the monsoon season) is the perfect time to put a new roof on (can't wait 3 months to spring?) and I did have 2 leaks that broke through the ceiling. Would this have anything to do with it? This was about a month ago, so I'm sort of guessing not as I imagine any water damage would be immediate, not a month after the fact.

Oh yeah, I have zero electrical knowledge.
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New roof, maybe a problem, unlikely.

You need to find out what ckt this is and shut the power off to it.
Then figure out what else is on this ckt.

most likely you have an "open" wire. This will be at the first non-working or the last working device.

If at all uncomfortable with electricity, call a pro. It may be no big deal, and pay them for the hour (or so).
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Check the connections at each affected receptical and work your way back toward your circuit breaker. If you have "back stabbed" connections, these are likely sources of poor connections. The wires should be taken out of the holes and installed under the terminal screws for more certain conductivity.
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Don't forget to check for a reset switch on a GFIC outlet somewhere (Bathroom / Kitchen / Outside outlet). Sometimes they put some outlets on the load side of a GFI and they go dead when it pops.

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