Combination GFCI switch and recept


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Combination GFCI switch and recept

Need some help to correctly install a GFCI.

My first floor bathroom currently has a combination switch/recepticle which is not GFCI protected. I want to replace the device with a GFCI combo switch/recepticle. The new device has line and load screw terminals which I recognize on other GFCI recepticles I have installed, and also has two black switch leads. The switch controls the bathroom light fixture, which is also equipped with a recepticle.

The switch box is currently wired as follows:

One cable coming into the box, with a black (hot) wire and a white (neutral) wire.

One cable leaving the box, with a black (hot) wire, a red (switched hot) wire, and a white (neutral) wire.

The white wires are pigtailed together and connected to a jumper going to the silver terminal of the recepticle. The black wires are pigtailed together and connected to the brass terminal on the recepticle. The red wire is connected to one of the brass terminals on the switch side of the device. A bare wire connects the switch to the grounding screw on the box.

I think what I have here is power coming into the box, which supplies constant power to the recepticle at the switch and also the recepticle in the light fixture. The light fixture is switched power. How would I properly install the new GFCI combo switch/outlet? Thanks in advance for your help.
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Take the wires from the incoming power and connect them to the LINE side of the GFCI.
Take one of the switch leads, the white and the black from the three wire cable to the load side terminals. The switch lead and the black go to the brass terminals. If there is only one screw you need to pigtail them. Only one wire is permitted per screw.
Take the red wire and conenct it to the other switch terminal.

The light will need to be on the GFCI as well because it shares a neutral with the second receptacle.

Connect all the grounds together and to the device green screw.
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Got it. Everything is working properly. Thanks for your help joed.

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