power for switch

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power for switch

i just refinished a room in my basement..i finally have a switch for the light in the ceiling.i now only have one more pull chain ceiling light left in the basement..i have the wire exposed for this light in the room i just redid..it is running for an exposed junction box gaining it power.im looking to take the wire out of the junction box that way i have enough slack to gain power from either a outlet or switch for the ceiling light in the other room...the switched ceiling light i just installed and the pull chain light that i curently want to switch will be on the same wall back to back..
here is the current set up....power to outlet,then hot and neutral coming off outlet to switch (hot wire to switch,and neutral wire nutted together )then hot and nuetral up to ceiling light..i know i can pig tal in the outlet box to power switch for old ceiling light,but i was wondering if possible to gain power in switch box to power another switch for old light....basically i would have 6 wires in the switch box...3 hots and 3 neutrals if this is possible...if not i will pig tail in outlet box...this is all ac cable ....thanks for the help...
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Please use proper capitalization and sentences. It makes your posts much easier to read and makes it look like you took the time to type it out properly, rather than just rushed through it. It also makes you look more intelligent.

Assuming you do not exceed box fill you can tap power at the switch.

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