four outlets either not working or pulling little juice


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four outlets either not working or pulling little juice

I have recently installed four new outlets in my garage along one wall all on the same breaker. I do not have any heat in the garage so I hooked up two small portable heaters to the same outlet. Both heaters are 12.5amp. I went to the store for about 10-15min and when I returned the heaters were not running. I unplugged them and plugged them back in and the the fans would turn but very slow. Now I was out there the other day and I hooked up one of the heaters and I could not even get the thing to run.

I tried to shut the breaker off and turn it back on but still nothing.

Any suggestions????

Thank you
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First off, 2 12.5 amp heaters is too much for one circuit.

You may have caused a wire connection to fail by having too much current flow through it. You will need to kill the power and look for a loose or totally failed connection. Pay special attention if any of the backstab connections were used.
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Are all the new outlets without power? Did you plug into the middle of the run or at the end? Find the outlet that is still working (if any) before the others are without power... that outlet is most likely where your problem is. If this is a 15 amp breaker then you are overloaded as pc boss has mentioned and even if 20 amp breaker you have too much load. You need to add a breaker and split the receptacles or run a multiwire circuit to the receptacles.

Also I'm not clear whether you added to an existing circuit or if this is a new circuit and new breaker.


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