Installing Shower were romax is running.


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Installing Shower were romax is running.

I'm installing a shower in what was once a pantry. The wall that I will be running the supply lines and shower manifold has outlets (bothsides of the wall).

- For rerouting purposes, what is the general requirement for how far a Romax cable can be located from these pipes?

- How far for an outlet on the otherside of the same wall.

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The word you are looking for is Romex. However, it is a brand name and may not be accurate. The proper term is NM cable.

There are no requirements regarding distance between pipes and cable or conduit. Don't let them touch.

There are no prohibitions regarding receptacles or other devices in a wall that adjoins a shower or tub.

You may not have receptacles within the shower, so those will have to be removed or at least turned around to face the other room.

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