I like this Receptacle


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Smile I like this Receptacle

Bought a box of receptacles that I personally think are (great) , wonder what you all think of them? They have the self grounding clip and have the holes in the back for both 12 and 14 awg. The screws are then tightened and appear to have a very nice and solid contact with the wires inserted. Of course you can also wrap around the screw if you like. With the wires inserted in the back ( of course I"m not refering to the back stabs that are notoriously dangerous and unsafe) one also has the assurance that the screws or end of wire will never make contact with the box. A nice feeling since often boxes are very near full and a receptacle can shift if not tightened properly to the box. I like them a lot wonder if you all are in agreement? Thanx in advance. This site is a treasure.
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This is called 'backwire', and is generally found on higher quality receptacles. I like it quite a bit. The screw tightens a 'pressure plate' that clamps the wires. Only some receptacles are _both_ 'back and side wire'; on others the screw head is blocked and you should only use the back holes.

My gut feeling is that making a hook and using the screws directly is still a better connection for solid wires, and that using the holes and pressure plate forms a better connection for stranded wires...but on these receptacles either approach greatly exceeds the UL minimums for such connections. (Note: I've not done any sort of scientific study, I'm just reporting my gut feel based upon how the wires feel in my hands. When I actually use these receptacles I always use the 'backwire' holes.)

Some of the versions of 'backwire' are good for up to #10 conductors, although I don't like the way that they feel with #10 solid...and just try bending that into the box.

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"I"m not refering to the back stabs that are notoriously dangerous and unsafe"

I have read quite a bit about the older style spring pressure "backstab" connections. They indeed have a reputation for unreliability although it's difficult to pin down exactly how unreliable they are. Nowhere have I ever seen them described as "notoriously dangerous and unsafe".
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Nor have I. As far as reliability, it's my understanding that repetitive heating and cooling of the conductors due to current flow can cause backstab connections to work loose. I have no idea, though, how often that actually happens.
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MD, This happens on a regular basis, Usualy after about 25 years. Still it is not reccomended.

Back wire is great for stranded, and good for solid, meaning extra attention is needed for tightness.
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Thank you very much for the Quick response concerning back wire receptacles.

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