breaker question?


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breaker question?

I have a Cutler Hammer sub panel,that i need to switch out a 15 amp breaker with a tamden 15 amp.I just ran a new 12ga dedicated line to my basement refridge.Im going with a 15 amp braker cause the other line is only 14ga.

My problem is believe it or not,I can not find a cutler hammer br1515 breaker locally.I seen them online and some of the distibutors also use number mp1515n.i have a mp1515n,which is for my murrary main panel.

Does anyone know if they are interchangable Murrary and Cutler Hammer .Matching up the breakers they look identical and will fit,but I have read here to always use the proper breaker.

Also in my CH Sub Panel,there is a few ITE breakers which were installed by an electrician.
If anyone knows if I could use the Murrary breaker I would appreciate it ,if not I will just order the Cuttler Hammer onlione and wait for the mail..

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If I remember right the correct CH part number for a double pole 15 amp breaker would be BR215. Why do you want to use a tandem (double pole) breaker for the fridge? Most fridges are 120V. Using the tandem breaker would give you 240V. Am I missing something or misunderstanding?
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You ARE missing something. A tandem breaker does not provide 240 volts except on some circuit breaker panels (such as GE). On most panels it provides two 120 volt breakers in a single slot.

The OP is in need of a breaker for his new circuit to his refrigerator. This is a common use for tandem breakers, providing a place for a new circuit to be connected to an other wise full panel.


Why are you looking to replace a 15 amp breaker with a tandem? Why not replace a 20 amp breaker with a tandem 20 amp? Then you can have the full 20 amps available on the new refrigerator circuit.
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OK. Got it. Thanks for explaining racraft.
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Ra the current 15 amp breaker is only 14ga wire,so i would rather go with 15,im having hard enough time finding a 15/15 breaker,I see some 15/20 available online,but I would not even attempt looking for that

Plus I have an mp1515n in house ,if it could be used safely...thanks again
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I think what Racraft was trying to ask is why not just put a tandem breaker where you already have a 20 amp breaker and run 12? so you can have ample supply...that was my question too...

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