circuit breaker question....


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circuit breaker question....

Just bot a house and went yesterday....I have a whole string of outlets that keep tripping the breaker at the can I find the problem with this?? was working just fine before the big storm here in Albuq. NM.....
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Where are these receptacles located?

Unplug everything from the receptacles and make sure that any lights on the circuit are on turned off.

If the breaker is no longer tripping then something is wrong with the lights or something that was plugged in. Try the lights. If they trip the breaker you have a problem with them. Try whatever was plugged in, one item at a time, until you find the problem item.

If the breaker still trips, then you have a problem with the circuit wiring. You will have to isolate the circuit by the divide and conquer method. individually check each junction box on the circuit for a problem, and split the circuit until you find the problem.

One final issue. If the breaker in question is a GFCI breaker, then look for water in one of the receptacles. This might be a problem if the circuit serves outside, garage,or basement receptacles.

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