Halogen vs flood in outdoor recessed fixtures...


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Question Halogen vs flood in outdoor recessed fixtures...

I was wondering if its OK to use halogen flood light bulbs in outdoor recessed fixtures. These are under our soffet and we have always used 150 wt floods but can't seem to find these at Lowe's anymore. Everything seems to be halogen.

I was wondering if halogen ones would get too hot for a recessed tube like fixture? I don't want a fire or anything else. I am not sure if we can look inside one of these tubes and if it will say a max wattage or not.

So any input or help you could give would be appreciated.
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check the manufacturers websight....they should have max wattages..(if the inside of the recessed housing doesn't say). I wouldn't see a problem although you might dial back the wattage from 150 maybe 100 (thats alot of light) best luck
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For several years, regular incandescent PAR floodlamps have been outlawed. Only halogen is available in PAR ( outdoor floods ), because halogen puts out more lumens per watt. 150 seems like a lot for a recessed fixture, but if the fixture is in fact rated for 150, you just have to use a halogen, or get a 40 watt flourescent equivalent.

If you live in OR or WA, then as of Jan. 1 2007, a LOT of higher wattage flood type bulbs, especially the indoor R and BR types are no longer legal.
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Thanks! In looking inside the tube unit it said max of 250 watts. So we will be going with a 90 watt indoor/outdoor halogen bulb. We use these same ones in our kitchen and laundry room, so we will simply reduce the wattage outside yet actually get a bit more lumes....and only have to get one type of bulb for all replacements! YEAH!

Thanks again!

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