Spark on Ground Rod


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Spark on Ground Rod

I had a cable TV guy out and he said that there was a small spark on my ground rod by my meter when he touched the TV cable to it. Not a giant arch but just a small spark.

I have the electrical grounded to the water pipe within 5' of the entrance but there is also a ground rod just outside by the meter.

Is it normal to have this or is there something that is grounding out and continually going to ground?

How can I check this?

Any info is appreciated.

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Current code requires two means of grounding your electrical system. If your incoming water pipes are metal and extend far enough into the ground outside your home then the water pipes are to be your primary grounding means, supplemented by some other means. Probably the most common secondary means is a ground rod.

Under normal operation the ground carries no current. It's two purposes in life are to provide a common reference point and for safety.

You need to understand what the "cable TV guy" did. If he accidentally touched the center wire of the coax to the ground then there should be spark. However, if he touched the shield of the coax to the ground then there should not be a spark. A cause for this might be a bad television, VCR, or other component connected to the cable, or it could be a problem with an electrical device in your home.

Problems with grounding are often tough to track down.
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Smile One thing to check

Your problem could also indicate one or more loose neutral conductors in any given panel, either inside of the house or the main panel itself.

Best bet would be to open the panels and check and tighten all neutrals.
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Thank you for your responses.

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Added note....use caution when EVER you venture into your just a word of caution....becareful when probing anything in your panel....
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