Electrician's Staple gun


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Electrician's Staple gun

I saw a staple gun in Home Depot the other day that shoots staples made for attaching electrical wire top studs etc.. Was wondering if anyone had any experience with these & if it would be worth the $35 plus staples to wire my entire house or if I should just get the normal staples & hand drive them.

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I have the Power Fast one from Desa. If you have the room for the gun it is very fast and easy to use. I find mine jams more than I like and the staples are about $14 for 400, much more than the regular staples. They are great for attaching cables to the sides of TJI's, regular staples seem to bounce off.

Gardner-Bender, I think, has one that allows you to use different staples for cable TV and phone wires, along with the ones for the 14-2, 12-2, 14-3 and 12-3.
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nah.....for me give me the ole' hammer and traditional staples anyday. But again I am old fashion...
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For DIYer's (and myself) I think the plastic straps with attached little nails are superior to the all metal staples. Almost no chance of overdriving.
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Smile Best thing since sliced bread....

I was sceptical too when I first started doing electrical, but after wacking my fingers one too many times (while juggling the wire, staple, and hammer over head) I bought one of these strap guns and I would never go back. Saves a ton of time!!! Best $35 you will ever spend.
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Let's face it... it's a new tool..... if you didn't need it - they wouldn't make it.....
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I wouldn't go that far.. look at the autoclamps they came out with. Useless..

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