Smoke detectors


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Smoke detectors

I couldn't find any straight forward info to answer my question so I guess the best thing to do is come out & ask it. First off let me say that I have no local codes, my county goes 100% off current NEC.

I want to wire my kitchen lights on my smoke detector circuit, so I know if it trips. I assume this is per code to add the lights. I have smokes in every bedroom, so does this circuit need to be AFCI?

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Smoke detectors are a local code.

However, since an electric smoke detector uses electricity, it needs AFCI protection in a bedroom.
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Unless of course it is battery powered.
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Technically you can add the lights to the smoke detector circuit even if it is on AFCI if you wish. Now, depending on when your house was wired the AFCI's may not even be an issue for you.

Yes the smokes in the bedrooms should be on AFCI if done since 2002 NEC, but again does not proclude you from putting things OUTSIDE the room on the AFCI circuit as well......

Based on your statement your smoke detector circuit is already in place, so yes you can add to it....However it is important to know what ELSE may be on that circuit other than just the smoke detectors.

Could have (2) bedrooms and a hall and who knows what and by adding some lights to could be adding TOO much to that circuit so do a little checking first to know what else you have going on before you simply add additional items to a circuit.

Hope this helps........good luck in your project.
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Actually nothing is wired in the house except a few temp plugs for construction power, it all exists in my head right now. I'll add the lights & put them on AFCI. Nothing else will be on the circuit except the smokes & the kitchen lights.
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I would suggest using a top grade detector.
Some smoke alarms have a green LED light right on them letting you know that power is flashes red when A/C is removed and is running off of battery (it is hard to miss). If one chirps because of low battery it will often flash a different code so you know which one is chirping, and one that signals all of them will give you yet another code.
I would suggest picking a series of smoke / carbon monoxide detectors that display the most information right on them.
There can be nothing more frustrating then to have one of them chirp or worse - false trigger and not be able to tell which detector is causing always seems to happens around 2AM! You will be suprised to find out that they will start going bad after as few as 4 years.
Wiring with kitchen lights will not be as important if you pick better detectors that display more information to begin with....
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