Installing a new bathroom fan (Wiring)


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Installing a new bathroom fan (Wiring)

I have a new bathroom fan installed in the ceiling. The vent is to the sofit.
the fan is an Air King 70 CFM 2 Sone. There has never been a bathroom fan in the house. The light is mounted on a mirror on the right wall aprroximately 2 feet from the ceiling

The line is 20 amps on a glass fued line (100 amp service). There is an outlet in the kitchen on this line and the light for the bathroom as well.

I ran wire 14/2 wire from the fan to the switch. I dropped the wire down through the wall from the attic and then punched a hole in a closet behind the switch's wall. I just have to to replace the switch's box and feed the wire to the swtich.

The switch has a black and white wire. The mirror has a panel that detaches and the wires are fed through the wll. There are 4 lights on this mirror so there are 4 black and 4 white wires pigtailed. The ground is bolted to a nut inside this panel.

Originally, I was going to drill through the ceiling of the bathroom close to the wall and feed a wire down to the light/mirror. I would drill a hole in the mirror's wiring housing and install the fan's wiring to the lights. I suspect the mirror is sitting on top of a junction box. I would use a Raceway wiring cover on the wall.

I have since decided to use a Leviton double switch on the one wall switch that exists. One switch that can control two devices. Is that going to work with the light the way it is currently wired?

Thanks for your assistance
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The answer depends on if the circuit in the bath room is feed first to the switch or feed first to the vanity light.

If power to the bath room lights comes into the switch this will be easy. If power to the bath room comes into the vanity light first it will be more difficicult.

One other point is that if you are running this circuit off of a 20 amp fuse, then you cannot use 14-2 wire. You need to check the size of the existing wire as well. If any part of the circuit is using 14 guage wire, you need to use a 15 amp fuse.
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I am not sure which is powered first. I know when I put a meter on the switch I don't get a reading. Measuring volts.

I also tried touching the fan's wires to the live switch. Black to black white to white. No power to the fan.

The 14/2 wire is used in Canada code for almost all internal wiring. Not sure why. I know the chart says to use 12/2. My Home Depot wiring book makes not that Canadian code differs from the guage guides. Home Depot told me to use 14/2

Thank you for your assistance.
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Even in Canada you cannot use 14 gage wire on a 20 amp circuit. It makes no difference what Home Depot told you, they make mistakes all the time. You cannot use 14 gage wire on this circuit without changing the fuse to 15 amps.

Based on the information you have provided, you have a switch loop to the switch which means you do not have power there. You will have to re-wire from the light to the switch in order to grab power there for your fan.

Finally, I am not completely familiar with the CEC, but in the US you cannot have any lights on the same circuit as kitchen receptacles. I have heard that Canada is similar, but will defer to joed, a frequent poster who lives and works in Canada.
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" the US you cannot have any lights on the same circuit as kitchen receptacles."

Bob - Are you sure of this? I thought that restriction only applied to small appliance circuits. I have two baseboard outlets on a 15 amp general purpose circuit in my kitchen that also feed a smoke detector and two hallway lights.
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I am going to call an Electrician. The whole house is an electrical hack job.

thanks for your input

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