Minor accident...


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Minor accident...

I was replacing a wall socket over the weekend, and this morning, the power tripped off and a small cloud of black soot appeared on the wall around the socket.

I have removed the socket, and what happened was the screw holding the face plate has cut through the insulation on the live wire, hence the black and the power tripping.

To be on the safe side, I will replace the socket with a new one, but before I do, I just want to get an informed opinion - is it likely that the wiring will be damaged, or should it be OK? I stripped a bit more of the grey outer sheath off the flex and there is no visible damage to the cable anywhere other than the point at which the screw had damaged it. (I'm talking about 2.5mm mains cabling).

Thanks in advance,

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My guess would be that Yes you dammaged the cable and the length from there to the next device, or the panel needs replaced.
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More often than not, the only damage is at the flash point, and possibly at the next or last connection. The wire itself often survives. If the insulation looks good, not burned or wrinkled, it is likely OK.
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Thanks guys - I am replacing the socket (whether it's necessary or not!). If I check the cable at the next point and the connections there look good, I guess I'm OK then? There's no obvious damage other than the exact point where the screw was piercing the cable sheath.

If there is some kind of hideous hidden damage, I assume the power breaker will just trip again...

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