Dryer electrical problem


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Question Dryer electrical problem

We just bought a new washer and dryer because our old dryer was tripping the breaker and shutting off half way through a cycle. Now we have a new washer and dryer and the dryer is doing the same thing. I have been going out to the fuse box to turn the fuse off and on, but that has become a pain and I'm afraid it's not safe either. We are pretty sure it's not a dryer problem since it happened with both dryers. We'd like to see what we can do ourselves first before spending a lot of money getting an electrician out. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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I presume the old dryer did work at one time; correct?

What is the breaker size?

along with this info, I would suggest tightenin all the wire terminations and remaking the joints in any junction box. A loose wire increases resistance which causes heat which increases resisitance which, well you get the idea.

Increased resistance ccauses voltage drop which causes increased current which may be causing your breaker to trip.
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Is this an electric dryer or a gas dryer? What size is the circuit feeding the dryer?
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It's electric. Kenmore 4 prong. 240v. We think it's a connection issue. We are going to look into it tomorrow.

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