electric baseboards???


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electric baseboards???

i have that in my basement 4 six foot units hydroponic.They were about 250 apiece. We dont use them all that much. they do work pretty good though considering the walls are not insulated.
In the new addition i was conserned about fire and the electric bills. I would need them for two bedrooms with kids and a dinning room..
I need to make up my mind by monday lol. I got some prices on plumbing/baseboards for about 6 and 7 thousand. Electric heat i could do for about 2500.oo. i do have a 200 amp service. I pretty much need that 4 grand to finish the job.
So basicly if i went with electric baseboards i would be installing 9 units in a new basement and first floor addition..I am not sure how much that will push up my electric bill and to finish up this post, fire from cloths and papers in the kids room is a consern
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If you have forced hot water now, call another 3- plumbers.
Your numbers seem a bit out of wack. Unless your heating system is maxed out,and needs to be upgraded.

Electric is not cheap, I would'nt recommend it for the described enviroment.
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Those hydronic units are great. And there is almost no risk of fire with them. They are terrific for use in areas where little kids will be.

But...they are still electric heat and will be much more expensive to run. The nice thing is you can isolate what areas you want to heat if there are areas not frequently used. If you have a family and a house full this is not as much of a benefit.

Obviously go with expanding your existing system as a first choice. If this is not possible hydronic electric units are a safe second choice.

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Hey thx! ya i have a gravity feed old oil system that uses big ole radiators..the heat is awesome we like it. Its alittle slow to go but it lasts a long time and IMO doesnt use that much oil.
I live in a modest area where things are expencive and lucky to have what i got house wise... lol plumbers must be living the good life in my area! Full and half page adds in the phone book etc.
lowest price i got so far was 6 and 7 thousand to break into my system and run another circulator or two with two zones and 50 feet of element plus whatever else they are using.

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