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Smile outlet quantity ?

why if you have a 20 amp circuit with 12/2 wire are you limited by the number of devices that can be on that circuit. i was told that a maximum of 12 lights or recepticles per circuit. Even though you could add more things to this circuit to stay within the 80% watt limit,this isn't per code? I don't have any extra breakers in my box and didn't want to do a subpanel if i didn't have to. I also have a 30 amp circuit running my old heat pump thats used for my central air,with the wiring running in 1/2 in. emt down the middle of the basement into a j-box and then liquidtight out to a box then to the heatpump. I want to tear out this emt and put a ceiling in my basement,so can i just run some 10ga. romex through the joists, then through the flex and then out to the disconnect? thanks for any advice Randy
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WOW!!! Randy, lets break it down.

1) you are limited to 80% of the breaker size. Recepticals, no limit on how many.I keep it to no more than (8) eight. Lighting you must know what is going in and do the calcs.

2) We never have extra breakers. We use what we need then add what we need.
Depending on your panel there may be an option to add "twin" breakers, this will now give you room for expansion (I doubt your home is to capacity).

3) Your old heat pump. Is this no longer used or available? If gone, your AC on this ckt is fine, provideing it does ot exceed the calcs of the unit and ckt.
If the heat pump is still in service, this may be fine aswell if they are shared. NON coincidental loads.This is also code specific and would need some more detail.

4) Why rip out a good pipe run? Why not strap the ceiling and carry on?
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NEC code has no limit based by the number of devices (just limited to 80% of breaker size) .
Local inspectors are another issue, they may put a limit based on a number, (that could be where the number of 12 came from).

10 gauge romex through the joists would be fine for the heat pump.
You may concider keeping the j-box and flex wiring and butt splicing the romex to the existing wiring at that j-box.
Depending on the flex, you probably shouldn't run the romex inside of it.
Typically you will have THHN inside of the liquidtight or flex.
If it is in the way for your ceiling you could move the box and shorten up the flex portion but the box must remain accessible after your work is done.
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Local inspectors are another issue, '

Not realy, They are only there to enforce the code, in effect at the time of installation. The have their quirks, if no big deal, adjust. Bottom line, They can only enforce, not write.

Just know your stuff before you question. Because they do.

They serve a valuable purpose, and have your best interest at heart.
(And make a little on re-inspections).

Do it right and to code.. Not a problem.

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